6 Lessons From This Is Pop, Netflix Documentary Series on the History of Pop [LISTA] · Rolling stone

6 Lessons From This Is Pop, Netflix Documentary Series on the History of Pop [LISTA] · Rolling stone

Netflix’s This Is Pop traces the trajectory of pop from the 1950s, emphasizing why some trends have stood the test of time.

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Boys’ band In the 1990s, auto tuneSweden and festivals: what do they all have in common? They are a moderately episodic part of pop music history and influence artists more prominently. it’s the pope (2021), documentary series netflix, Tried to trace a trajectory from these events.

Launched on June 22, 2021, the production showcases the history of the musical genre in an interesting and didactic way, featuring well-produced documentary episodes and amazing interviews. Shania Twain a Benny Anderson, Doing ABBA, even when passing Hozier. Keeping this in mind, we. separated the six teachings of it’s the pope.

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Boyz II Main Effect

In the 1990s, the music charts were very different. according to the journalist Kelly L Carter, For an artist to fit into a pop or R&B form, it depended primarily on skin tone and audience.

hey Boyz II Men, a vocal group formed by four youths from Philadelphia (USA), managed to blur that line: They both reached the top of the charts – “A good day, for example, I came before billboard hot 100 for 16 weeks. He conducted interviews for both radio stations, appealing to different audiences and age groups, besides paving the way for the future. Boys’ band, What ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys I 98 degrees.

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Who Invented Auto-Tune?

Electrical Engineer and Seismic Data Processor Andy Hildebrand He went to a dinner with the distributor and his wife – a singer – in 1996. In one of the conversations, the artist asked if he could make a box that would make him sing in a good way. Four months, some complicated math equations and a lot of programming, auto tune.

starting, Software It was distributed only to music producers, who kept it a secret to avoid controversy with particular critics and the public. So, artists like variable I Jennifer Lopez began to use the instrument in an exaggerated and purposeful way to give a different tempo to the songs auto tune Officially hit the charts.

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Why did Sweden become the home of pop?

The first successful group from Sweden reached the ears of the world after their victory in 1974 Eurovision Song Festival: A four-piece band called . is called ABBA. From him, other country artists began to believe in his ability to make good songs and music production grew. Roxette in 1989 and Ace of Base in 1990.

The Swedish song “Formula” – memorable, addictive, and very melody-based lyrics attracted artists from the music capital of the world, the United States. “i want it like that,” From Backstreet Boys, It was one of the band’s first hit tracks to be produced by Dennis Pop, In a Swedish studio called Chiron.

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Instead of trying to export pop stars like you ABBA, The country made great producers and began importing American artists to work in Sweden and then became successful around the world – it was like Celine Dion, ‘N Sync, Bon Jovic with more recent names, such as The Weeknd, P!NK I Taylor Swift, for example.

What was Britpop?

In short, Britpop was a musical and cultural wave that originated in the UK in the 1990s. while during No problem (1991), Doe nirvana, british band stigma had difficulty writing songs than grunge So they decided to do something completely different: take the marginalized culture of England, which had been “absorbed” by the American, and write songs based on it.

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The arts began to reform – Britpop influenced football, politics, cinema, culture in general. He inherited the British pop tradition David Bowie, Boy George I Maniac To create a more playful and relaxed music, went on for a few years.

other than this Dim, band like pulp, suede I Agility appeared in this context. It was so successful that some groups changed their musical style and began singing “about normal English afternoon tea” to fit Britpop’s formula for success.

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Like this Oasis. liam I Noel Gallagher They were in Manchester, the north of the country, working class and outright grumpy, very different from standard Britpop – despite that, they were produced in a musical style. Those who identified with the band’s songs immediately fell in love, and thus began the rivalry. oars x Dim.

What is meant by “Wonderwall” by Oasis?

“Wonderwall” Became one of the most famous songs around the world – Made oars One of the only bands to join top 10 from the stages of billboard, from United States. However, the lyrics are a mystery: what is the word?wonderwall“?

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Noel Gallagher, The singer and the band’s composer did not know how to finish the verse of the chorus and for some time abandoned the song “Marinando”. One day, I was listening to the record wonderwallmusic, Of George Harrison, Released in 1968, and someone asked what it was called. When he answered, he felt that the word fit snugly into the blank in the chorus of the song which would become practically the second national anthem of England.

What came before the Woodstock Festival?

hey Festival de Woodstock It happened in August 1969 and went down in history as a milestone in music and one of the greatest rock events of all time. Based on the decade’s counterculture and the ideals of peace and love, it brought together the great attractions of the time to create an unforgettable experience.

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However, many people do not know that before woodstock, there was human bee-in, In January 1967, in the city of San Francisco (USA). conceived by the band jefferson airplane, This was the first evidence that open-air concerts were in the works, the origin of festivals. came back Monterey Pop Festival, Concept by vocal group mama and papaMILF with the performance Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, among others.

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