7 Fights That Haven’t Happened In Cobra Kai And Fans Are Dying To See

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Cobra Kai follows The Karate Kid’s trend of giving viewers big fights. But at Netflix, not all potential conflicts happened.

With season five confirmed and in development, that could change. There are fights that Cobra Kai fans really want to see, including never-before-seen clashes between Karate Kid characters.


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For example, one such wish came true in season four. Johnny Lawrence and Terry Silver, who had not yet crossed paths, faced one of the most acclaimed brawls in a Cobra Kai episode.

Check out seven fights below that haven’t happened on Cobra Kai yet, but Karate Kid fans are dying to see them on Netflix.

Daniel LaRusso compared with Terry Silver

In The Karate Kid 3, Terry Silver hurt Daniels in another way: with mind manipulation. In the film, La Russo’s main antagonist was Mike Barnes. Now, the protagonist is no longer a teenager and can come face-to-face with the scary villain, returning to Netflix.

Chosen Contra Terry Silver

In the imagination of Karate Kid fans, many wonder what a tournament would be like with all the classic characters. Chozen is back and in the States, who may have a long-awaited meeting with Terry Silver. Chozen was the villain of The Karate Kid 2 before returning to Netflix.

Anthony LaRusso tells Kenny

For much of the fourth season, there was a rivalry between Anthony and Kenny. First, Daniel LaRusso’s son is a bully against the new student, who leads him down the path of Cobra Kai – then, who doesn’t accept the reconciliation, is Kenny himself, who beats up his colleague. Anthony must go on to learn karate and the two must fight within the rules that many want to see.

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Julie Pierce compared with Daniele LaRusso

It is not certain whether the character of Hilary Swank, who was Miyagi’s apprentice in Karate Kid 4, will appear in Cobra Kai. But if it does, Netflix viewers will want to know who is the best student of the legendary sensei, whether it’s Julie Pierce or Danielle LaRusso.

Demetri vs Kylero

Demetri grew a lot in Cobra Kai, gaining confidence and respect with karate. Despite good turnout in the Season 4 tournament, fans still want to see Demetri take on Kyler, who has haunted her and Allie the Falcon since the Netflix series’ first year.

Chosen against John Cresse

Chozen’s style is more aggressive than that of Daniel LaRusso. John Crease also teaches initiative-oriented karate, by nature. So, apart from all the karate kid stories, John Krause vs Chosen will be quite a struggle for a Netflix show.

John Criss vs Terry Silver

A new rivalry begins in the finale of Cobra Kai season four. Terry Silver holds John Craze as his weakness and openly betrays him. It would be more of a sensible and apprentice confrontation, but a student who appears to be on practically the same level as the master.

There are four seasons of Cobra Kai on Netflix. The fifth year does not yet have a premiere date.

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