7 Netflix horror movies that make fans tremble with fear

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Netflix is ​​a must-see platform for those who love horror movies. The platform is very successful in releasing the biggest hits of the genre, from acclaimed Hollywood productions to independent projects, going through international releases and original premieres.

One of the biggest strengths of Netflix is ​​the fact that this platform offers horror movies to the subscribers from all over the world. In this way, viewers can see original, different stories filled with references to local cultures.

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The horror sub-genres that are most successful at streaming are those that are supernaturally themed and based on true stories.

We have listed 7 Netflix horror movies below that have the potential to make fans tremble with fear; see below.


With a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The Witch is considered one of the best horror films of recent times. Directed by Robert Eggers, the film is a one-of-a-kind supernatural legend, marked by an overwhelming and claustrophobic atmosphere. The film is set in the 18th century, and follows the story of a Puritan family who encounter dark forces on their farm in New England. The Witch is anchored by a powerful performance by Anya Taylor-Joy from The Queen’s Gambit.

crime night

Crime Night is the first chapter in The Purge franchise, one of the most popular in horror cinema today. The premise is simple enough: In a dystopian future, the US government creates a 24-hour annual period “purge” in which nearly all crimes — with very few sanctions — are permitted. In this chaotic environment, a family tries to survive a violent home invasion. Other films from the franchise are also available on the platform, just search “The Purge Collection”.

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Run away

Before reaching Netflix, Escape became the most popular movie in the history of the American platform Hulu. In the film, Chloe is a teenager who suffers from several ailments, including a paralysis that keeps her in a wheelchair. For all his needs, the protagonist enlists the help of his mother, Diane, who stays to raise him. But after seeing the matriarch’s strange behavior, Chloe begins to suspect that something sinister is happening. Escape stars Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story and Kiara Allen in her first theater performance.

zombie invasion

Zombie movies, full of shows like The Walking Dead, are hugely popular with audiences around the world. One of the best movies of its genre on Netflix. This is a zombie attack by the same creator of Hell’s Prophecy. The film tells the story of a workaholic executive and his young daughter, who board a train traveling from Seoul to Busan in the midst of the emergence of a pandemic that turns the dead into bloodthirsty zombies. With the original title Train to Busan, the film is an epic journey of adrenaline, fear and lots of tension.

evil present

Current of Evil debuted with little fanfare, but was very successful with particular critics and featured on many lists of the best horror films of previous years. Released in 2014, the film centers on the story of Jaime, a girl who is pursued by a mysterious entity after a sexual encounter. With a creative plot and the fear of giving and selling, the film is not for the faint of heart. Current of Evil received a 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating “universal acclaim”.

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Or the mysterious case of Judith Winstead

The Mysterious Case of Judith Winstead—also coined with the original title The Atticus Institute—is a great option for those who prefer productions inspired by true stories. Presented as a documentary, the film follows an episode of demonic occupation that becomes a national security issue for the US government. The film also shows horrific experiments conducted at the Atticus Institute, which studies the powers of the mind and the potential of the human brain.

just like hell on earth

if you like movies like this found footage, A la Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity, As on Earth as in Hell is a great suggestion. The film tells the story of a group of researchers who explore the Catacombs of Paris in search of a lost treasure. But what should only be an archaeological expedition uncovers a terrifying secret hidden beneath the City of Light.

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