8 documentaries to watch on Netflix in Latin America

8 documentaries to watch on Netflix in Latin America

8 Best Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Latin America | Instagram

Here at Show News, we’ll rank our first 8 Documentary film To view broadcasting service NetflixOkay, if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the perfect opportunity for that, so prepare your popcorn.

As you may remember, we announced yesterday that the platform has finally included a test option on Android devices, which is ideal for those who sleep while watching movies or series.

Well, it seems that Netflix is ​​trying to further expand its users and serve them, because without a doubt the streaming giant wants to maintain its leadership in this field and that is why it is creating more jobs for its customers. Is preparing

So, if you are among those people who sleep while watching TV shows or movies, then the new option they have added for Android will definitely be liked by you.

If you’ve watched all the new Netflix series and movies and don’t want to watch anymore, we have a solution for this, because while you wait for the new release in February, we will actually recommend 8 productions for you to watch in streaming.

This time we recommend doing something different, as we host 8 documentaries about Latin American countries that you may not miss on the popular Netflix platform, some are movies, others are series, original Netflix Not others.

Here are the Netflix documentaries you should not miss in Latin America:

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On the edge of democracy

Netflix Country of Origin: Brazil Year: 2019 Duration: 2 hours and one minute Director: Petra Costa Award: 1 Oscar nomination for Best Documentary 2

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Devil’s freedom

Country: Mexico Year: 2011 2017 Duration: 1 hour 14 minutes Director: Everardo Gonzalez Award: Winner of First Aerial Award for Best Documentary 3

Death settlement

Netflix Original Series Country: United Kingdom (About Brazilian Wallace Souza) Year: 2019 Duration: 50 Minutes 7 Episodes Made: Dinah Lord and Emano Matthews 4

Nisman: Lawyer, President and Detective

Netflix Original Series Country: Argentina Year: 2019 Duration: 6 Hours Episode Director: Justin Webster 5

3 MU3RTS Marcella Escobado

Origin of Netflix Country: Mexico Year: 2020 Duration: 1h 49d Director: Carlos Perez Osorio 6

EL PEPE, for the life of ALIA

Country: Uruguay Year: 2001 Year Duration: 1 hour 14 minutes Director: Emir Kasturika Award: Film Winner of the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival


Netflix Original Series Country: Mexico Year: 2019 Duration: 50 Minutes 5 Episodes Director: Diego Enrique Osorno 8

Cuba E Chemograph

Origin of Netflix Country: United States (about three families from Cuba) Year: 2017 Duration: 1 hour 54 minutes Director: John Albert Award: 1 Emmy Award nominee

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