A collection of 174 Dusty Classics is on sale

Many properties around the world are closed and certainly a good fraction of them consist of an abandoned automotive past. Whether or not one of them was discovered in the UK a while back and brings together 174 classic cars of every kind…

north of london, Finds the London Barn A collection of 174 cars in various states of preservation has been released on the social network that looks like one of the closed facilities of Swedish furniture maker Ikea.

United Kingdom: a collection of 174 Dusty Classics on sale

According to the Instagram page, all the cars are for sale, but those interested only had 15 minutes to decide which car to pick, which discouraged many who commented on the matter.

Apparently, the cars were at some other (or other) location, moved there to facilitate access for interested parties. Nevertheless, inside the huge shed, there are still pieces of Swedish furniture from Ikea, which do not exist in Brazil.

United Kingdom: a collection of 174 Dusty Classics on sale

Covered with dust or bird droppings, the classics bring together many cars and other vehicles, such as motor homes, from different years, brands such as Morris, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Triumph, Fiat, Land Rover, Jaguar with. , MG, among others. A list with all the cars is posted and you can view it on this link.

United Kingdom: a collection of 174 Dusty Classics on sale

In the video, it is possible to see so many cars, that listing them all would be an overwhelming task, but an enjoyable one. These include VW-Porsche 914, Morris Minor, Mercedes-Benz 280S, BMW M5, Porsche 911 Cabrio, Volkswagen Transporter T2 and T3 (Combi), BMW 2002 Ti Touring, Mercedes-Benz Ponton, Nissan 300 ZX. , Mercedes-Benz SL, Fiat 500, Mercedes-Benz G500 (it should run) and even a Land Rover lightweight that looks like the British Army.

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United Kingdom: a collection of 174 Dusty Classics on sale

We don’t even mention Volkswagen Beatles, several Mercedes and some Japanese as a friendly Miata from the 90s. Anyway, this place has a lot to offer which is an incredible find for many buyers. So for the enthusiasts, don’t even mention…

The site was open for viewing on Monday (30) and found some cool videos, like the ones below. As reported, the entire lot will be valued at approximately £1 million or R$7.13 million. For you, is it worth it?

London Collection – Photo Gallery

[Fonte: London Barn Finds via Carscoops]

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