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It all started with a conversation: Filmmaker Rubén Alves, who was born and raised in France, learned that a dude wasn’t feeling good about his body and gender. I wanted to change Not long after, in pursuit of that dream, she began the transition process into what she had always wanted: a woman. Reuben proudly followed everything and today, takes the story as inspiration to direct and script Miss France.

Premiering the week, the feature tells the story of Alex (Alexandre Vetter), a man of the fluid gender who at some point in his life thinks of himself as a woman, a man at another, and who grows tired of the monotony. of life in France. To break this analogy and fulfill a childhood dream, she decides to do the unthinkable: sign up for the Miss Country pageant while hiding her true identity.

“I’ve always wanted to respect these people and, above all, to respect those who have the courage to be them”, Rubén Alves tells Estado. In addition to his transsexual friend, the director also points out that the protagonist himself, Alexandre Vetter, was one of his inspirations. “I found it on social media and I thought it was amazing how this person could be so independent being a guy, but living his woman like that”, he says.

Meanwhile, Miss France is following a responsible path. Though sometimes naive, tall bets on a light story, even with some comedy touches. “The passage is dramatic, but easily done”, evaluates Alves. “This light of believing in this dream is almost a fairy tale, half Disney. I’ve never really been concerned about how it should be. It always has been and it always has to be. It should be.”

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Bravery. Aiming to bring a light yet contemporary story, Rubén Alves is part of the process of increasing diversity. “It is really important to tell a story with a character like Alex. The most important thing is to realize that we all have dreams and dreams have no gender. They are dreams”, he refers.

“Different men before you will bring you a wealth you didn’t know: whether in the kitchen, in the way we dress, in thinking. It’s a story about that: the freedom to be who we are, a closed About the courage to come out in the society.

For her debut in Brazil, Alves, who speaks Portuguese fluently because of her Portuguese mother, hopes that this diversity will reach the masses without stumbling blocks along the way. “My expectation is to show how free these people are, who are not waiting for politicians. It’s people who feel, it’s organic with a lot of humanity”, he says. “I hope they accept the film, understanding that this story is about struggle and courage to be who we are.”

This information has been received from the newspaper O Estado de S Paulo.

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