A preview of ‘United for Hope’, about women in the military who prepare a choir, prompts a list of films to overtake the group

If you don’t remember the comedy “either all or nothing” when watching the movie “United for Hope”, which won the preview session last weekend in the lagoon. It is that not only do both productions feature the same director, the British Peter Catnio, but they each bring the story of an unexpected – and “saving” union – as a common drama between the new and group participants.

“United by Hope” is an ode to unity as a tool to overcome personal problems, concerns and plays. In the plot, women from different backgrounds accompany a choir. They have something in common: their husbands are away, they are military combatants and they are serving in Afghanistan, and the music group is their way of loneliness and forgetting war.

The idea for the film, based on a true story, arose when producer Rory Aitken watched the BBC-produced documentary “The Choir: Military Wives”, which reports the case of Military Wives Choir based on cateric exercises. , In York, in the United Kingdom. Formed in 2011, the group has grown rapidly and today 2,300 people are divided into 75 singers.

At the plot given to the cinema, at an English military base, the colonel (Kristin Scott Thomas), the colonel’s wife, inspires the other wives to form a choir together. The wife of Lisa (Sharon Horgan) in a “duel” agreeing in the film, whose protests highlight the actress’ roles. Another highlight are songs sung by girls, such as “Time After Time”, by Cindy Lauper, and “Don’t You Want Me” by Human League.

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More movies in which random groups were formed, playing in streaming

‘Either everything or nothing’

1998 Oscar winner for Best Soundtrack, scene from the film ‘Eye Too You Nada’. Photo: reproduction

Catenio’s film won the Oscar for Best Soundtrack in 1998 and was nominated for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Original Script (Simon Beaufoy). Here the group is made up of unemployed affected by an economic crisis that hangs over the city of Sheffield. Under the leadership of Gaz (Robert Carlyle), they seek income by setting up a stripper show where they are stars. (Google play)

‘The way they want’

In the cinema "The way they want", Group of women come out of the gloom while reading erotic bestsellers "fifty Shades of Grey" Photo: Disclosure
In the film “The Way They Want It”, a group of women comes out of the gloom when the erotic bestseller reads “Fifty Shades of Gray” Photo: Disclosure

Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Stanbergen are priceless in director Bill Holderman’s first film, which also wrote the script. The feature is about a group of women who already spice up the dull life at their monthly book club reading the erotic bestseller “Fifty Shades of Gray”. (Teleplay)

‘Bath of life’

"Bath of life", Available on Netflix, is a non-coordinated swimming team.  Photo: Disclosure
“Life of a Bath” is available on Netflix, featuring an uncompressed swimming team. Photo: Disclosure

An injection of courage takes a swim in a group of middle-aged men. It is the motto of a French film by the comedy Giles Lelouch with a dramatic tone about the misfortune of the forties. In a club pool, Bertrand (Matthew Amalric) sees a way to deal with depression and meets other figures in distress. (Netflix)

‘What if we had all stayed together’

In "And if we all lived together", Third-age friends decide to share the same roof.  Photo: Disclosure
“And if we all lived together”, the friends of the third age decide to share the same roof. Photo: Disclosure

Elderly friends who decide to live together have become a trend in some European countries over the years. Stephen Roblin’s French film begins there to tell the story of Annie (Geraldine Chaplin), Jean (Guy Bedos), Albert (Pierre Richard), Claude (Claude Rich), and Jean (Jane Fonda), who deal with aging problems. Let’s deal. And decide to share the roof. (Prime video)

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