A prince gets a trailer in New York 2; The clock

A prince gets a trailer in New York 2;  The clock

About the Prince of Zamunda in the 1980s starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones who go on to experience “worldly” life in the United States! A prince in new york 2 There is already a premiere date and a teaser trailer won this Tuesday (22).

In the plot A prince in new york 2 Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) is now being crowned king, many years after his trip to New York, however, he and his loyal companion, Semimi (Arsenio Hall), will need to return to the American continent when they find the existence of an heir. Zamunda is revealed to have lost his country’s throne.

Watch the teaser trailer for A Prince in New York 2:

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When will A Prince in New York 2 release?

According to information released by Amazon, the film will be released on March 5, 2021. The feature film was expected to hit the big screen in 2020, but due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, the continuation of the classic halted its premiere. .

Where to look?

A Paramount production, initial plans were only for the film’s debut in the cinema. However, the new Coronavirus epidemic led studios to consider moving the film to a streaming platform. With this, Amazon Prime Video managed to buy the rights to the film for $ 125 million (according to the international portal) time limit) And take the launch A prince in new york 2 For subscribers to its streaming platform.

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