A UI 3.1: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite gets updated with DX mode and more features

A UI 3.1: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite gets updated with DX mode and more features

New update for Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes A UI 3.1, which brings many new features Optimized to facilitate access to elements on the screen as a layout, more security for system and privacy options, and a novelty that was seen by some when receiving the update: Dex mode, used on computers Creates the same as the interface.

See how it was:

As you can see, the interface with One UI 3.1 is already optimized for larger screens, although it is possible to use applications in Windows and other computer operating systems like ours as Windows when switching to DX mode. In this way, we can use multiple applications in multitasking mode.

A work area is also presented, in the lower left corner we have the button which is equivalent to the Start menu and serves to display all the applications in a large one that occupies the entire screen.

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to confirm if the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite supports wireless DX mode for broadcasting your screen to other devices such as TVs, but Android 11 is already classified by single use permissions, types Notification brings major improvements like application support. Bubble chat and more.

The update is being rolled out slowly around the world, so if you have not yet received any notification to install it, just wait that it is available on your Galaxy Tab S6 Lite soon.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is not yet available in Brazilian stores. On arrival he should be informed.
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