A year after the arrival of Kovid-19, India has seen a decrease in pollution cases – Money Times

A year after the arrival of Kovid-19, India has seen a decrease in pollution cases - Money Times
India reported fewer cases until April 2020, but cases increased and increased from mid-September onwards since May (Image: REUTERS / Bruno Kelly)

a India Reported the lowest number of new cases of Coronavirus On Saturday, seven months to a year after the virus was confirmed in the country.

A year ago, a student from the southern state of Kerala tested positive for Kovid-19 after returning to India from Wuhan, China, The global epicenter of the virus.

To prevent the virus from spreading, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government implemented a national blockade in late March on a population of 1.3 billion.

The blockade, which has banned domestic and international travel and has been closed, except for factories, schools, offices and all shops that provide essential services, has crippled India’s economy, which continues. It is expected to contract 7.7% in the fiscal year. By 31 March.

The government began reducing the blockade in June.

India reported fewer cases by April 2020, but cases began to increase from May onwards and around 100,000 daily cases in mid-September.

The rate of infection has decreased significantly since September and on Saturday, 13,083 new cases were recorded, the lowest number ever recorded and down more than 20,000 per day at the beginning of the month, federal health The data was shown.

India has the lowest 170,000 active Kovid-19 patients since June 2020. The country has experienced 10.7 million infections and 154,147 deaths – one of the lowest mortality in the world, accounting for part of its relatively young population.

The country has recorded the highest number of coronovirus cases in the world after the United States, and the potential actual rate of infection is even higher, a study shows that some pockets of India gained mass immunity through natural infections Has

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India started its vaccination program on 16 January, with the goal of reaching 300 million people by health professionals and by July-August. The country vaccinated about 3.5 million health professionals in the first two weeks of the campaign.

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