About Bread and companies: Lessons reserved for gastronomy entrepreneurship. Your Business Blog

About Bread and companies: Lessons reserved for gastronomy entrepreneurship.  Your Business Blog

In an episode of the third season of Chefs’ Table, an Emmy-nominated Netflix series in which culinary stars redefined gastronomy with new dishes and desserts, charming award-winning chef Nancy Silverton revealed her obsession with pasta. Helped him build a bakery empire. United States, before solidifying himself as a mozzarella expert.

“To become a baker you have to have a fascination for bread, you always look for all the nuances that make perfect bread. When you stay alive on something, you cannot have complete control – making bread is not making chocolate chip cookies, ”Nancy says at the opening of the episode. “It is very tiring to have the necessary patience. When I made the bread, I saw the pieces, I saw the fermentation bubbles, the leap of the oven. I always noticed a problem: the size was not correct; My cuts were not great; My bread did not have the open structure that I wanted. You separate each aspect, always making adjustments. And this is passion. ”

You might be wondering why we are talking about bread and pasta at this place to deal with topics related to entrepreneurship. The reason is simple. I am not as good as Nancy when I am baking a good batch of bread, but when we talk about both gastronomy and entrepreneurship, it has many points.

To get an idea out of paper, just for that idea is not enough. While refining all the details of this idea it is essential that it is obsessive and it is guarded with extreme caution so that it works effectively. And many obstacles have to be overcome until this happens. Namely: bureaucracy and paperwork; product development; Doubts about the business model; Probability of injury until everything is turned on; Find the right suppliers; And winning over first customers, just to name a few.

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Patience and perseverance

For this reason, it is necessary to take deep breaths several times. At the start of the business, the entrepreneur often spends his days killing lions – or even a daily pack even more in the time of coronovirus. He was the first to enter and the first to leave the company, inspired by the idea that it would work. Without patience and perseverance it will not work.

Just as Nancy Silverton’s countless batches of bread went wrong until she found the right place and became a benchmark in the United States, in the case of a new venture, a lot is going wrong. Time to adjust the hands and get ready for a new run. Remember: This is a marathon and not a hundred meters. It will take time for everything to come together.

It is at this point that another important challenge comes in this journey: financial. After all, without some money it is almost impossible to get the idea of ​​paper or to open a bakery. Before undertaking, it is important to plan based on your business plan and minimize the risks of moving forward – such as taking a bank loan. In this context, angel investors can prove to be important figures. It is important to keep your feet on the ground to avoid debt.

Chefs Table – Photo: Netfilks

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