Abuse is accused of losing control and assaulting a colleague

Abuse is accused of losing control and assaulting a colleague

Just as there is a technical kiss, there is also a scriptural slap. But sometimes the situation gets out of hand. Mouths get agitated and blows really hurt.

Diego Boneta and Martin Belo: TV in Argentina also reported behind the scenes of the series ‘Luis Miguel’

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spanish actors Martin Bello Claims to be beaten by a Mexican heartthrob Diego Boneta Recording of a fight sequence from the series luis miguelo, gives Netflix.

The production chronicles the life and career of the romantic singer, born in . happened in Mexico, which featured songs on the soundtracks of several Brazilian soap operas, such as la barca In god come to us I You In Wonderful.

“We rehearsed the scene, but in the end Diego Boneta really hit me and sent me to the hospital,” he said. Martin for magazine TVyNovel.

“He didn’t use stuntmen because the director presented us the scene in a cool way. Everything was connected differently from what happened.”

Actor in 'Luis Miguel' scene: Lack of control in recording could lead to court battle

Actor in ‘Luis Miguel’ scene: Lack of control in recording could lead to court battle

Photo: Disclosure/Telemundo/Netflix

Plaintiff Actor, Joe. plays the role of uncle of luis miguelo, that is the sequel. “I was slapped in the face, he grabbed me, hit my head against the wall,” he says. “My neck is under treatment so I don’t have chronic pain and I don’t have movement in my arm.”

Martin Bello Will demand reimbursement of medical expenses. that she said Diego Boneta Apologies for the lack of visual control, but would not have met the agreement to talk about the episode outside the studio.

The Spanish artist believes that he was cut from the cast of the third season of the series. luis miguelo Because of their complaints about what happened. He is contemplating calling the court for compensation.

Famous for participating in soap operas Rebel, No Mexico, Diego Boneta Did not comment on the controversy. He is currently shooting for the comedy remake father of the Bride America America.

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