AC / DC fully recharged Power Up, the band’s first album in six years

AC / DC fully recharged Power Up, the band's first album in six years

AC / DC is not just a band for its fans, it is a completely reliable commitment to guitars, umbrellas, rock power, and ever compromise. And Understand, As all 12 songs Power up, Credit goes to Angus and Malcolm Young. Some things, it seems, never really change.

AC'DC's 17th studio album, Power Up.

AC’DC’s 17th studio album, Power Up.Credit:

Produced by Brandon ਓ Brian (Rock or bust And of 2008 Black snow), Power up After retiring from the final stages of their tour with hearing problems, singer Brian Johnson returned to greet them. Johnson’s beautiful voice did not diminish and Canceled He has been taken closer to his best near 73. The longest track on the album in just four minutes, it shines with Raza. Angus has thrown a little everything into the pot here, including a sizzling guitar solo and Phil Rudd who spends a lot of Swiss clock work in their drills.

Rudd, like Johnson, returns after a forced break. The drummer was given a house arrest in New Zealand after the last album and missed the last tour. Upon returning to his drum cushion, Rudd gives the rhythm part its very familiar swing (or roll, as Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones might call this part of his voice).

Shot in the dark, The album’s first single, is a seamless interlude to his years of experience with Angus’ niece, Steve Young, bringing him to the rhythm guitar duties. Here, both Angus and Stevie’s guitar attacks made Malcolm proud – and every chance Malcolm shared some secrets of singing with Angus himself.


“The one I’ve always relied on was Mall,” Angus Young told Zane Lowe this week in an interview for Apple Music Zick. “If Malcolm went ‘yes’, who made it for me … I’ll always go, ‘Mall?’ If Mall said, ‘Yeah, I knew it was good.’ Angus has previously said that these new songs come from a box of ideas in which he and Malcolm worked, or from previous recording sessions. Was left out.

Through Mist Time The biggest surprise is seeing an emotional look with Johnson Holling Look at the dark shadows, on the walls, look at the pictures, some hang, some fall But Rudd and bass player Cliff Williams grabbed a firm kick drum line with their rocky hands. Of course, Angus gives a rip with a 15-second guitar cut that solves any question of softening the band’s five-decade trend.

The bottom line is that AC / DC has tried and don’t look for any radical change from the right formula. Angus doesn’t care about music experiments. In the tradition of 1978 albums Powers Or the 1990’s Razor Edge, It’s tough, heavy and comes with a large dose of boogie to take care of you.

The magic of witchcraft, Demon fire And No man’s land All will add a welcome addition to the next AC / DC tour, whenever possible, when the album is near Code red This is an extreme warning that the band is not happening yet. Not with a long shot.

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