According to the director, after USA, GloboPlay should reach Europe in 2021

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Globo’s director of digital products and services, Eric Bretus, revealed on Tuesday (19) that Globopel will reach the European public this year after the United States, and Grupo Globo plans to expand the platform worldwide. Planet. The executive pointed out that the company’s international strategy is not a hindrance to big streams like Netflix and Prime Video. Even with the new coronovirus epidemic, Eric reported that 82 constructions are under development.

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“We plan to expand internationally. We should pass through Europe this year, our plan is to make globoplay available worldwide. We have feeds from our linear channels (available on digital service) that are suited to individual time zones. But we always focus on Brazilians, who live abroad ”, he explained in an interview for Deadline.

“Our international strategy is not a hindrance to large platforms. It is to assist Brazilian immigrants. However, what we are looking for is that many of these are in Brazilian international families, and people have started asking us subtitle shows, so that families can watch together. This makes our content reach a wider audience.

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Bretas explained that Grupo Globo’s content is one of the ways to reach audiences around the world, also to form partnerships. One of the ideas is to close deals with regional streaming services, which are successful in Asia, Europe and Oceania.

“One way in which we want our content to reach a wider audience is by seeking partnerships with global or regional streaming services. There are other very strong regional services, such as Stan in Australia, Joy in Germany, iFlix in Southeast Asia. The idea is to strengthen our relationship by exchanging materials or, in some cases, co-producing together. You will see more of this. Although everyone is talking about streaming services in the United States, we see more and more relevant services in national markets, such as “, he elaborated.

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Globoplay and resume

Eric said that there are currently 82 productions underway at GloboPlay and the restoration of recordings began slowly due to the Kovid-19. “In Brazil, some global streaming services tried to move forward, but there were cases where the cast managed to get to Kovid and had to cease production. At this point it’s not easy to go completely,” he commented. .

“We are now resuming some presentations. It is still very challenging, because we are in the middle of a second wave. We are managing this very carefully, because, of course, the health of our employees is our priority. But we’re managing to reinvent some with some strict guidelines, which means it’s slow – you’re producing 30-40% of what you’d normally produce in a day. When we have the vaccine, we will return with full force.

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