According to the newspaper, technology is working on the same product as Facebook clubhouse

According to the newspaper, technology is working on the same product as Facebook clubhouse

The Facebook The clubhouse is creating a new voice chat product similar to the app, published “New York Times” on Wednesday (10), citing sources with knowledge of the subject.

The social network did not comment on the matter when questioned by Reuters.

Are famous products from Instagram, Which belongs to Facebook, were also “inspired” by contestants. The Stories Was born after the explosion of Snapchat, With its short videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Last year, social networks launched The reels, For short videos, with a similar footprint for applications launched to succeed in recent years, A. TIC Toc.

Also in 2020, in view of the video conference boom due to the epidemic, Facebook launched rooms, Which allows large groups to meet in the virtual messenger room. With this, the company tried to enter the battle of the segment that had discovered Zoom Fire.

Interest in the clubhouse, a social network based on voice chat, has skyrocketed in recent times. According to search engines, app searches on Google increased by 525% in one week.

Messenger is based on audio, with several chat rooms with predetermined duration. There are no photos or videos except the profile pictures of each person, and everything happens in real time – in WhatsApp conversations, it is not possible to reproduce old content.

If a friend is already inside the platform, they can allow access to the network, but each person has the right to call two friends.

Network reached Circumvent censorship in china For a few days.

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