Actor opens up about Ray Donovan’s abrupt cancellation: ‘It didn’t make sense’

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Two years ago, one of the most consolidated series of the last decade, Ray Donovan (2013-2020; 2022), came as a surprise with the abrupt cancellation. hero liv schreiber stayed “Hurt and Confused” with the decision that “It didn’t make any sense”, according to him. Following an appeal from fans, the drama received a well-deserved conclusion in the movie format, which was released last Saturday (15) on Paramount+ Streaming.

In an interview with TVLine, Liev Schreiber explained why Showtime chose to end ray donovan without a proper ending. The then seventh season ended with several loose narrative points, as a wave of new episodes would be ordered. The story of the film had come to bind.


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“From all angles, it looked like we were very successful either financially or creatively”, recalled the actor. ,[Cancelar a série] It didn’t make any sense.”

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Schreiber had a hunch about the reason for the abrupt end, an argument based purely on the grown-up business. Two months before the cancellation of the Showtime channel attraction Ray Donovan in the United States, the merger of two Hollywood giants was approved: CBS and Viacom (Showtime belonged to the CBS group).

“That merger was too complicated”, Schreiber said. “And in the transition of business, some new execs offered to cut a good amount of Showtime series. And we were right on target because there was still one more season to go. [a oitava]Which will be very costly for them.”

This news upset everyone associated with Ray Donovan. Liev Schreiber felt good and kicked the bucket shortly thereafter. “There was a part of me that didn’t want to know anything else”, he confessed. “I just wanted to put my tail between my legs and forget [da série],

But then there was support from fans around the world, a wave of affection that blew the actor away. He decided to return to the character and also participated behind the scenes, helping to write the screenplay for the film. “It’s good to end [para a trama], God forgive me, but if my kids want to watch one of these shows these days, there’s a whole box set now.“, Celebrated.

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