Actor shares a behind the scenes picture of Stranger Things

Dacre Montgomery posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo of her participation in the fourth season of strange things,

The actor plays Billy, who receives his end at the hands of the Mind Flayer in the series’ third season finale. Netflix, Duckray returned for a small part in one of the new chapters, and it turned out to be a very different experience for the actor and the production.

Dakre published some pictures on his official Facebook account. instagram, with a thank you message for the opportunity to attend the session. According to her, the scenes of her participation were recorded in her hometown; Check below:

“I feel very fortunate to have got a chance to shoot these scenes in my hometown of Perth (Australia) during the pandemic. Such an amazing local team and @slevydirect . what an incredible blessing to be working with [Shawn Levy] guiding me through the zoom! @strangerthingstv”

Actor’s scenes were necessary to do through video call

Stranger Things 4 scene (playback)
Stranger Things 4 scene (playback)

Sean LevyStranger Things director told Entertainment Weekly That the recording should be done in a ‘way’ to end health restrictions due to COVID:

“COVID dropped all our production plans in the middle of a season that was already extremely ambitious, Dakre could not leave Australia to film his scenes. The date was repeatedly rescheduled And there are many lockdowns and protocol updates and even stricter border restrictions. ,

Instead of being able to fly over the set where the series was being produced, Duckray had to team up with an Australian production team and shoot the scenes remotely, with Sean calling them via Zoom in a video call. Directed from:

“With the end of time, We had no choice but to direct the scene on a soundstage via Zoom in Australia, while I had already filmed that graveyard scene with Sadie Sink a year earlier.,

Volume one of the fourth season of strange things, Available now, consisting of 7 episodes Netflix, Volume Two, along with the last two episodes, will be released on July 1,

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