Actress Doreen Montalvo dies after stroke


The television and Broadway star’s visit came during the actor’s break during the 56-year-old stroke Covid-19 epidemic.

Aceshobiz – Actress Dorin Mantalvo Is dead.

The star who appeared in the new Broadway music “Mrs. Doublefire“When the epidemic began, he died after a visit earlier this month (October 20),” the website confirmed.

Star manager Steve Mahek wrote in an Instagram post, “We are very disappointed to hear that she has left us today. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be shared with her husband Mike Mann and his family during this time.” Star manager Steve Mahek wrote in an Instagram post.

“Love and enlightenment to all his friends, colleagues and fans. My heart is sad for all of us.”

Dorin offered only three glimpses before forcing “Mrs. Doubtfire” to close along with the rest of the Great Whiteway in the midst of the Corridor-19 crisis. She began playing the role of Janet Lundy, who also played in the former Broadway run in Seattle.

Includes the actor’s “more credit from Broadway”In heights“And”On your feet“She also appeared on TV shows like”Break“,”Good wife“,”Elementary“, And”Law and order“.

Lynn-Manuel MirandaThe mastermind behind the Tony-winning “In the Heights” was quick to pay tribute to the 56-year-old actress on social media. Referring to his close friendship with the late star before he wrote, he wrote, “It’s unfair that we don’t get much time with him. He has more shows. He gets more music. He has more life. When someone brings so much happiness and loves everyone they meet, a lot of commitment to what they love … it’s not wrong.

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