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A popular theory is that Grace did not die in Peaky Blinders and returned in season six. Annabelle Wallis, the character’s interpreter on Netflix, responded to Digital Spy with surprises on the way.

Many fans interpret this as the return of Grace, the first and beloved wife of Tommy Shelby. However, the question remains whether it returns alive or simply in a flashback.

Earlier, the Peaky Blinders star himself used Twitter to comment that he “has unfinished business” with the Netflix series.

“I have loyal friends at Peaky Blinders and I can get them into trouble if I say anything. There is a film, they are working on a film too and there are many surprises in it.”

Annabelle Wallis also said she was “excited” about Peaky Blinders and claimed to be “open” to theories that Grace is alive.

“Well, I’m amazed at how people engage with the show and with Grace and Tommy. I’m impressed. On principles, I think: Great, I’m open to them. It’s exciting to see people How to get inspired by the characters and stick to the characters. It’s a passionate team as well as fans. So I’m open to all theories. I don’t know, Grace is esoteric. Maybe she stops showing up. Who knows?”, completed the Peaky Blinders star.

Peaky Blinders season six return confirmed

Venom star Tom Hardy returns as Alfie Solomons for Season 6 of Peaky Blinders. This was revealed by Netflix and the BBC series itself.

In the UK, BBC One brought out a teaser for the final season. Tommy Shelby talks to Alfie: “I believe I wrote your last work.”

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In Peaky Blinders, Tom Hardy’s character was presumed dead in season four. But the fifth year shows that in reality this did not happen.

Now, to celebrate the sixth season of Peaky Blinders, the legendary character returns. Good news for the audience.

Peaky Blinders has five seasons on Netflix. The sixth and last comes in 2022.

Watch the teaser released by BBC One below.

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