Adele receives ‘million dollar’ offer from Netflix for special return

Adele receives 'million dollar' offer from Netflix for special return

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Netflix reportedly offered Adele “millions” to do a special report to trace her return.

The 33-year-old superstar recently returned to the charts with his latest LP, ’30’, and after two TV specials in the US and UK, fans have a chance to watch a documentary on the streaming service, which will air in July 2022. Scenes from his return to the UK during the BST Hyde Park festival.

A source told The Sun’s ‘Bizarre’ column: “Adele is the most in-demand woman right now and Netflix thinks they can make something really special with her. With a potential multi-million-pound film from her team. Was contacted about what would represent her return and big show at BST next July. For now, world tour plans are on hold due to COVID and the film could bring Adele closer to live fans who can’t get tickets Netflix has made amazing musical movies with stars like Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes and thinks Adele could be amazing if she were up for it.

The source added that hit singer ‘I Drink Wine’ will have complete “creative freedom”.

He continued: “The people involved in the early stages of the proposal made it clear that Adele will be in charge. If they go ahead with the project they will have complete creative freedom and approval in editing.”

Last weekend, ‘An Audience With Adele’ aired on ITV in the UK, and the London star answered questions from big names in the audience, including Emma Thompson, Samuel L. Jackson and Stormzy.

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The US special, ‘Adele One Night Only’, however, saw the Grammy winner sit down for a one-on-one chat with TV veteran Oprah Winfrey and perform the live debut of songs from her album before the official release. ,

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