Adventures in History Ancient evocative jars discovered in India

Jarros de pedra encontrados na Índia

This Thursday, 31, information was released that researchers have found evidence of some ancient types of stone pots of impressive size, in the state of Assam. India,

According to experts, 65 artifacts spread across four locations in the region will be useful for ancient human funeral practices. Researchers believe the objects date back to 400 BCE

The details of the discovery were published in a survey of universities. North Eastern Hill University And the best bath. BBC News Portal gave this information.

According to the publication, jars considered mystical vary in shape, some being cylindrical and elongated, while others remain submerged in the ground.

“We still don’t know who made the giant jars or where they lived. It’s all a bit mysterious. […] possibly linked to mortuary practices”, said researcher Nicholas Scopel,

Now, experts say the next step will be to excavate and document the characteristics of these artifacts, to help them find more answers about them. Those involved in the study believe they will still find more jars in Area,

View Full Survey in this link,

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