Adventures in History Meet the strange ‘Australian Bigfoot’ Yovi

Desenho feito após suposta aparição do Yowie em dezembro

An ancient tribal legend about a strange creature that will remain hidden in the field of Australian Outback Even today it scares many people in the country. Very similar big pow, the yovi is a mammal sometimes referred to as the “Hairy Forest Man”, usually described as a massive ape-like creature with orange-brown fur.

However, the details of the animal’s appearance vary according to different accounts. In general, we can divide these creatures into two types: the first of them can reach three meters in height, while the second does not exceed four and a half meters.

For example, a document from the 1880s stated that naturalists Henry James McCue He had also seen the creature in New South Wales. However, contrary to most descriptions, this strange individual was only five feet tall and was “tailless and covered with very long dark hair”.

Representation of a Yowie / Credit: SEO 75 via Wikimedia Commons

The Kuku Yalanji tribe living in the far north of Queensland has a legend that their population lived with the Yowi for a long time, even though he attacked them several times.

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Although evidence indicates that the Yovi legend is much older, most reports of alleged apparitions date back to the 18th century, with some fairly recent.

This is the case of three people who were walking down a dark alley in Queensland on the fourth of December when they came face-to-face with an individual of the species, according to information from the website All That Instancing.

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” he declared Sterling Slocock-Bennett, one of the people present on the occasion.

“It was definitely a scary time for me. As I said, I was very confused and shaken by what we were seeing and as we got closer it made less and less sense.”

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Creature Representation / Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Tim Bertelink

“At first we thought it was a wild boar or a really big animal, until we looked closer and saw it running in a very simian manner (like a monkey),” said the second man. said, Seamus Fitzgerald, who claims the episode left him stunned.

“I have never experienced something extraordinary or strange like this before,” said the Australian. “I barely slept that night and had the feeling of seeing something I’d never believed.”

looking for yovi

Reports of the trio’s unexpected encounter with the creature encouraged others to go in search of the animal. she herself fitzgerald Turns out they were deeply involved with the matter, so they investigated “what other people saw and experienced”.

However, despite various reports, there is no scientific evidence to prove the existence of these creatures. At least not till now.

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