Advice recommends parents don’t let their kids watch Round 6

Advice recommends parents don’t let their kids watch Round 6

As in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), after reports that children as young as six were coping challenges – and punishments – in style battle royale Shown in Korean series’Round 6, the resounding success of Netflix, sent by education advisors to the British district of Central Bedfordshire, north of London A message to parents and guardians advising them not to let little ones see “violent” production.

In England, the series is recommended for viewing only by people over the age of 15. “Be careful. We strongly recommend children not to watch ‘Round 6’. An e-mail sent to multiple parents and guardians states that the program is very explicit, containing a lot of violent content.


Recently, there have been reports from schools in the UK and other countries of seeing incidents where children played certain games from the program and physically punished the losers.

Council in England has advised parents not to let their children watch ‘Round 6’. Image: YoungQ Park/Netflix

In ‘Round 6’, debt-ridden people participate in competitions like children’s games in search of cash prizes, but the losers are killed. According to British newspaper GuardianEven kids who haven’t seen the show themselves have access to imitations of the show’s challenges through social networks such as TikTok and videos based on computer or mobile games such as ‘Roblox’ and ‘Minecraft’.

Children in the parks are recreating the games in the series by attacking those who fail at the challenges, according to reports obtained by education officials in central Bedfordshire.

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Of the games in the series, two particularly popular in the UK are “French chips … 1, 2, 3”, in which the younger ones try to finish a course while a selected individual (replaced in production by a giant doll) ) is not looking; and the “sugar hive,” which requires kids to cut out geometric shapes on a biscuit—in which case, there are also concerns that kids might burn themselves from the hot caramels in preparation.

“Recently, there have been some worrying reports of children and youth playing the ‘Round 6’ game in school. The series is also being watched on other platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, and given the popularity of the games on the programme, the developers has created several minigames based on ‘Roblox’ and other platforms,” ​​argued the board in an email. “We strongly recommend not watching the children.”

Source: time limit I Guardian

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