“Affairs of the Skyscraper.” Marta Temido – Observer. says Portugal expected to record 37,000 infections in first week of January

"Affairs of the Skyscraper."  Marta Temido - Observer.  says Portugal expected to record 37,000 infections in first week of January

PS/Azores leader recommends reinforcement of anticipation of tests and vaccines for children

The President of the PS/Azores wrote today to the President of the Regional Government (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM) recommending the strengthening of testing and screening of COVID-19 cases and countering the anticipation of vaccination of children. Due to infection in the archipelago.

As for PS/Azores, “there are three aspects in which it is imperative for the regional government to reverse some of the decisions it has taken and, in some cases, speed up processes to make up for lost time”.

As for the screening, Vasco Cordeiro warns that, facing a new version of the virus, “Access to tests should be facilitated, not obstructed.,

Socialists consider it necessary to “resume a level of tracing that allows the identification of transmission chains and not, purely and simply, the declaration of community transmission”.

As far as vaccination of children is concerned, the leader of PS/Azores believes that “The vaccination process for children begins only in mid-January. [entre os 5 e os 11 anos], A calendar that doesn’t seem to be in “least acceptable”,

On the other hand, they should beNecessary procedures have been activated so that in case of failure to anticipate the vaccination schedule, classes can be resumed through telematic means [à distância],

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