AFL Finals 2020 | The Richmond Tigers advanced to the fourth consecutive opening final

AFL Finals 2020 |  The Richmond Tigers advanced to the fourth consecutive opening final

It was a crucial moment in the match that saw the Times win with a lot of central clearances to compete for the Saints’ defenders, with Richmond’s short forwards entering the 50s loose in front of them.

Shi Bolton was the most dynamic with three goals in the first half, his second brilliant, adventurous goal when he didn’t break the attack when four saints stopped at him.

When he threw the ball out of his boot and it went through the targets it was clear that the night belonged to Richmond.

Shane Edwards was also easy at the zenith level when Tiger’s refresh took his team’s first intercept point for Jaden Short’s final series, which he started as clinically as Roger Federer’s backhand.

It was a clear indication that the Tigers were going to be great for the runaway Saints who entered the match without tape recorder Paddy Ryder, father G-Jack Carlisle and suspended defender Ben Long.

He then lost to Josh Battle – who entered the game under a cloud with a foot injury – for a quarter when he needed foot treatment, while Ben Patton suffered a head injury that left him with a head injury. His blood flowed. Tim Membre also left with a leg injury in the last minute.

Ryder’s absence was felt in the center bounces where Richmond dominated the second quarter with nine center clearances when his score was 9.1 off three Saints goals.

However, most of Richmond could not be missed (except for Lynch who hit 2.5 and got out on a full) Sant Sant was taking any chances that he was killed by a bad set shot.

Understand him: The Tigers are in a frenzy.

Understand him: The Tigers are in a frenzy.Credit:Yes

Battle, Rowan Marshall and Max King missed out on third-quarter chances as St Kilda tried to pave the way for a comeback and left a 23-point lead on the final change.

Although it felt like Richmond was in control of Cruz as he advanced to his first semifinal victory since 2001, St Kilda didn’t hang on to the game long enough to keep it interesting.

This did not happen until Jason Castagna took advantage of Edwards’ pose by aiming directly at the target and kicking correctly. Stayed in their forward half for the game.

St. Kilda has a lot of excitement but is disappointed with that bundle after just five steps up the stairs along Bra Hill Hill. They won the hard-fought final and put themselves together in a hard-fought match against Richmond as they prepared to part ways.

He was a class below the experienced Tigers who quickly found a place on both the field and the scoreboard and then controlled the tempo.

Richmond will face Port Adelaide, who lost the round 11 and won both games with four wins as they met in the 2014 elimination final.

Richmond 5.1 9.1 10.4 12.8 (80)

St. Kilda 2.2.6 6..1.1 .1..13 () 49)


Richmond: Bolton 3, Edwards 2, Lynch 2, Prestia, Macintosh, Martin, Castagna, Rioli

Saint Kilda: Savage, Butler, Steel, War, Ross, Kent

The best

Richmond: Edwards, Martin, Nankervis, Bolton, Baker

Saint Kilda: Steele, Marshall, Jones, Clark

Most seen in support


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