After canceling, the manifest can continue differently.

After canceling, the manifest can continue differently.

Manifest: The Mystery of Flight 828 could win a movie to end the story. The revelation was followed by producer Jeff Rake’s cancellation on NBC.

Initially, the three-season series was looking for a network to continue. There were talks with Netflix, in which it was decided not to save the manifest.

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Without a station that could continue the series, Rake mentioned the possibility of a film or a book. On Twitter, the creator of the series promised that he would find a way to convey the end of the story to fans.

“I hope someone will come along and help us finish the story – whether it’s more episodes, a film like they did with Jugnu, or even a book, about which many People asked me and you know, it’s a cool concept, but I’ll think about it”, the producer said.

Rake insists that he wants to “respect” the story of Manifest. For the author, this would be “disappointing because people not only want to know about the ending, they also want the experience”.

“I’m going to find out how to end and honor the story we’ve told so far with love, accuracy, care, money, tears, and sweat as we’ve done for three seasons. Or am not going to summarize the ending in a series of tweets. That won’t happen,” Rake said.

The producer of Manifest also cited the possibility of “a financing” for a TV movie, with a “summary” version of what would be the series’ end.

No new home for manifesto

In the United States, the show is on Netflix with its first two seasons and is already one of the most popular in streaming there. Still, Deadline says that Netflix “didn’t want to make season four after a week of talks and evaluations.”

Earlier, the same website reported that the platform carefully assessed the cost of production. In addition, Deadline says that Warner Bros. Television, which produced Manifest: The Mystery of Flight 828, no longer intends to try to save the show after the deal failed.

Obviously, despite appealing to the masses, the manifest will come at a high cost.

The idea of ​​the show was to get a new house to complete the story. Rake had an initial six-season plan and was expected to air on NBC.

“A plane reappears five years after takeoff, but only five hours have passed for passengers. Once presumed dead, they now face a mysterious reality,” summarizes the manifest Reads: The Secret of Flight 828.

In Brazil, Manifest: The Mystery of Flight 828 is on the globe.

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