After controversy, WhatsApp adopts new way of changing privacy – 02/18/2021 – Tec

After controversy, WhatsApp adopts new way of changing privacy - 02/18/2021 - Tec

After Defer deadline In order for users to agree to a change in their privacy policy from 8 February to 15 May, WhatsApp has decided to change the way it is now.

Since January, when confusion arose over privacy policy that led to a stampede of users, applications began to provide a simplified explanation of the change in status, its version Stories Do instagram

From the end of this month, some people will start seeing a small banner at the top of the conversation list – for the first time, the message appeared to occupy the entire screen of a cell phone. When clicking on the message, the user will see a more detailed summary of what the company explains the key points, other than an invitation to accept or not to make changes.

Whoever wants to deny it will not lose access to the application completely. According to WhatsApp, you’ll still be able to see notifications for new messages and answer audio and video calls – but don’t make them. The exchange of text messages and audios, the main way to use the app, will not be an option for those who decide not to accept the changes.

The purpose of the new communication is to counter the wave of disintegration that followed the announcement, which is with the update, User data will need to be shared with Facebook.

WhatsApp guarantees that the new privacy policy does not increase the amount of information already shared with Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which owns the messaging app, nor does it change the privacy of personal conversations.

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The change only affects interactions with companies that support the WhatsApp Business API. In the version of Business For the purpose of large companies, it is necessary to hire a company to mediate communication with customers.

The advantage is the possibility of having the same number of customers connecting the same number of customers to the WhatsApp web, the disadvantage is not just WhatsApp, but the fact of paying for the service. One of the providers of WhatsApp Business API – the list of which will start in May, will also be counted on Facebook.

This is where the implication of updating privacy policies lies. To launch Facebook as one of the business API providers, WhatsApp users need to agree to share data with it. but that This does not mean moving forward so that Zuckerberg and his staff can read the discussions in the family group, Which are still protected by standard end-to-end encryption.

This allows companies to communicate with their customers if they decide to hire Facebook as their WhatsApp Business API provider.

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