After vaccines from India, Pazuelo says it is now necessary to produce in Brazil – 01/22/2021

After vaccines from India, Pazuelo says it is now necessary to produce in Brazil - 01/22/2021

The Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuelo, said today during the arrival of 2 million doses of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine at the Galo airport in Rio that Brazil needed a national production to meet domestic demand.

“These are to start the imported dosing process, but our country needs national production. It is national production in Fokruz, Butanton and perhaps a private company. for Sputnik Vaccine Production [V], For what is being negotiated, that we are going for mass production, vaccination for mass production. “This is the objective of the Ministry of Health”, Pazuelo said in a quick statement.

Although the minister did not mention it, Brazil has already ceased production, in Sao Paulo, Coronavac, an immunizer developed by the Chinese laboratory Synovac in partnership with the Butane Institute, but faces difficulties with the import of inputs .

Butanton said this week that it is practically out of information for the construction of Coronavac in the country. The São Paulo government-linked agency has distributed the first batch with 6 million doses, which are imported from China. In addition, it is capable of delivering just over 4.1 million units. Again, it relies on Chinese raw materials to guarantee new shipments.

During the event, Eduardo Pazuelo also said that the arrival of the new batch is “the beginning of the process” and noted expectations about the release of IFA – the active pharmaceutical ingredient

“We are in talks to get a higher dose at the beginning of February and it is necessary to start producing 15 million doses per month for IOAFerose”, he said.

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In his speech at the airport, Pazuelo also removed the SUS (Unified Health System) in Brazil and classified it as “a great tool for public health in our country”.

“It is the world’s largest public health system and without this system we could not do what we are doing in the fight Coronavirus”, He insisted.

Vaccine route

After arriving in Rio, vaccines against the Kovid-19 were transported to the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Firokruz). There, they will undergo a quality and safety check, in addition to labeling, with the labeling of boxes with information in Portuguese. The work, according to the foundation, should last until dawn and dawn (23).

The forecast is that the defendants are ready to return to the Ministry of Health this afternoon. Distribution logistics for the states will be under the responsibility of the federal government.

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