Afternoon session: Which film will be shown on Monday, January 11 (11/01) Life and Art – People

Afternoon session: Which film will be shown on Monday, January 11 (11/01) Life and Art - People

“Johnson Family Vacation” is the film for today’s afternoon session, Monday, January 11 (Photo: Revealed)

“Johnson Family Vacation” is the film that will be shown in TV Globo this afternoon, Monday, January 11 (January 11) at 3 pm.. Directed by Christopher Erskine, it is a comedy for the whole family.

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The annual family reunion in Missouri, United States is the perfect opportunity for the Johnson family to come together. On a road trip, the father, Nate (Cedric the Entertainer), sees a chance to get closer to the children and his wife.

Rather, he needs to convince Dorothy (Vanessa Williams), Nikki (Solange Knowles), DJ (Bo Waugh) and Destiny (Gabby Soleil), who are not in the mood for the tour. After some time, everyone agrees to participate.

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These five characters do not expect that a simple journey can have many obstacles. In addition to family friction, other unexpected events occur, such as problems with police officers.

American production by director Christopher Erskine is the only one for cinema. Released in 2004, the film stars Cedric the Entertainer, Vanessa Williams, Bo Waugh, and Shannon Elizabeth.

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Next week, an afternoon session will be offered: “Daddy’s Penguin” Tuesday, 12 pm; “Shrek 2” on Wednesday the 13th; “Paper Dreams” on Thursday, 14th; And “Miss Simpatia” on Friday, the 15th.

Watch the trailer for the film which will be shown in the afternoon session

Today’s afternoon session

Johnson family vacation

When: Today, Monday, January 11 (January 11), at 3 pm

Where to: On the open channel of tv globo

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