Agreement between Britain and the European Union: European and British citizens are allowed to travel for short migrations – World

Agreement between Britain and the European Union: European and British citizens are allowed to travel for short migrations - World

The commercial agreement established between the United Kingdom and the European Union will allow the mobility of European and British citizens to remain for a short time (a maximum of 90 days in a row), there is still no agreement to stay longer.

The pre-Brexit agreement reached between the two sides, details of which were made public this Saturday, establishes that the UK will allow visa-free access for European citizens who wish to remain in the country for a maximum of 90 straight days . And 180 days in a year.

According to Spanish news agency Effe, similarly British citizens will be allowed to live less in countries that are part of the European Union (EU).

However, according to the document, the United Kingdom has refused to include a specific item relating to the dynamics between the British sector and the community sector, and not in writing, for the convenience of long-term, temporary movements of people except. commercial purposes.

Thus, the agreement does not cover the right of EU citizens to enter (or without a visa) to work, reside or live in the United Kingdom, nor vice versa.

However, if at some point the United Kingdom decides to implement the requirement of visas to citizens of at least one EU country, it will activate the reciprocal mechanism and immediately implement a set of measures at the European level. Will go.

Despite these difficulties, the two sides agreed to social security coordination measures to protect the rights of EU citizens or British citizens temporarily living, walking or working in another country after January 2021.

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‘Brexit’ reached an agreement on the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom on Thursday, more than four decades after the British people decided to ‘divorce’ the European bloc, four and a half years later.

The document will now be approved by the European Parliament and approved by British MPs next week which will be able to come into force on 1 January 2021.

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