AGT fans are angry that contestant Thomas Day was brought back after “lying” about the reason for his exit. [Video]

AGT fans are angry that contestant Thomas Day was brought back after "lying" about the reason for his exit. [Video]

Last week America’s Got TalentTop viewers were confused when teen-heartrob singer Thomas Day mysteriously knocked them out of the quarterfinals. Broken routes are taking their place in the already defunct country duo At the last minute. Thomas was originally scheduled to perform at Week 3, then he was dropped off at Week 4, before he quit the show altogether – all without any official explanation. Eight The powers that be. Last week, shortly after his sudden departure, Thomas Told a fan on cam That was in conflict with the performance of his high school football program. But this week, when he made a surprise return to the semifinals as a wild card contestant, the 17-year-old revealed the real reason for his absence.

As Thomas explained on Tuesday, he and his mom were already in Hollywood for quarter-final rehearsals when his mother tested positive for the Covid-19. Thomas was worried about his mother’s health, while he was more worried that his illness would derail his son. Eight Dream. The days were separated in separate hotel rooms for the next two weeks while Thomas underwent regular coronavirus testing … and then finally tested positive.

“I was scared for my health. Thomas said this week when he returned Eight. “I have seen the show. I’ve seen people pass by. And I mean, I know my dream has come true. I’m just waiting for the flight back home – and nowhere, on the last day of separation, when I got a call when they told me I was being brought back to the show as a wild card. I am very grateful and thankful. ”

So, on Tuesday, Thomas slammed Billy Ilish’s “when the party is over” – a kind of ironic alternative, because his Eight The dream may end after all. On a night of strong power-singers like Shakira McGrath and Sophia Vargara’s Golden Buzzer, don’t choose Roberta Bataglia (who has become an obvious fan), struggled to stand up. “I’m glad we had a chance to hear from you again for America,” Judge Heidi Kalm said before giving Thomas a stern warning. The competition is fierce tonight, especially with the singers. But Sophia boasted about how “beautiful” Thomas was and predicted that “the girls would go crazy for him.” Like Thomas he is probably right Does Tiktok has a whopping 400,000 followers – but let’s face it, the Tiktok population isn’t really there at all. Eight Voting audience.

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While I sympathize with Thomas patiently and think it’s a good thing he didn’t completely lose his dream of competing on live shows, I question if he can be brought back to the semifinals. C – after that when he was already straight-tracked. Quarterfinals in the first place – one of the two aspiring wild-card venues this week. Many viewers on Twitter complained that this was a gross injustice, especially when he was not honest about his real reason for leaving the show. In fact, after Thomas’ cameo video (in which he claimed that he “couldn’t make it because of football” and insisted, “That’s the truth. I wish there was more to it”). Appeared on Reddit, Some viewers also asked questions Which He had a real passion – what he said on the cameo last week, or what he said on this week’s episode.

Nonetheless, I would argue that this other wild card spot on Tuesday was ruined by the Miami Trap Dance Ta Family, a fodder contestant whose first audition was never shown. It is highly unlikely that any Thomas Day or Dance Town family will actually win this season. An act that of course Can Winning this season, however, is spoken word artist Brandon Leakey.

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Brandon defended the judging panel with his first audition Loneliness about her late baby sister, Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer earnings; Last week, his Quarter Finals Performance of a captivating Black Lives Matter poem It was the standout of the evening that got him voted by the top three contestants from the United States. This week, he delivered a series of angry non-reply letters to his absent father, and the effect was equally grumpy. (Brendan later revealed that his father was back in life and watching Eight At home, hearing these complex words for the first time.) Once again, Brandon was the star of the week. “Dear Brandon, I think you just made it to the finals. Zoxo, Heidi, “said Heidi, right after Brendon surprised him.

On Tuesday, a total of 11 actors performed, and Wednesday’s results show, five will reach the final of Season 15. Like Heidi, I predict that Brandon will join them – along with Shakira McGrath, Roberta Bataglia, aerialist. Alan Silva, And “The All-American Man” Broken Roots (whose performance definitely played Blake Shelton’s “Land of God” in a circle of fire) EightMain audience of). Unfortunately, this was probably the end of the road not only for Thomas but also for Archie Williams, who was wrongly imprisoned.Flying without wingsIt never really took off, and it exploded and shook. However, if the US Is Influenced by the sad background of a singer when it comes to voting, Archie will no doubt oust Thomas.

Don’t wait until Wednesday when the results come out, and then for another semifinal round next Tuesday – when, if there are any more wild cards left in the game, they hope to become more qualified. Will sow And Sheldon Riley.

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