Airtags Help Recover Stolen Photographic Equipment Worth $7,000

Imagem equipamento fotográfico com AirTags

Let’s say these Airtags, for their entire existence, have been paid for, as well as many other devices like this. These locators helped recover US$7,000 worth of photographic and computer equipment stolen from a tourist on vacation in Australia.

The nightmare began when he realized his car had been robbed and the suitcase along with the equipment went missing. and now?

Apple's Airtags have brought a whole new level of tracking accessories to everyday life. Find My Network uses millions of iPhones spread around the world as information points when airtags pass by. Anonymously, the iPhone notifies the search network of the location of the lost AirTag. Next to this, a lost or stolen item will be close to being recovered.

Tourist was robbed in Australia

A photographer's worst nightmare is to find out that their kit has been stolen or gone missing. In the present case, a tourist on vacation in Sydney realized that his contents had disappeared, but had a happy ending.

Graham Tait was on vacation in South Australia in early May, but while he was at a hotel, his photographic material was stolen. The bag contained his laptop, a Sony camera, his wallet, a GoPro and other equipment that cost around $7,000 (approximately 6700 euros). The car was robbed and everything was taken away.

When we were traveling to Flinders Range last night my car broke down and they took a laptop bag and camera - both items had airtags installed.

He said Tait to local channel 9News,

Open Find My App and Call the Police

While he was using the AirTag on his item, Tait opened the Find My app and looked for the missing hardware. Within minutes he realized that his luggage had been moved to a different room inside the hotel where he was staying.

On finding out the police were called. A search was conducted by the agents and the material was recovered. As per the reports of the officials, the culprit was arrested and now he is in the hands of justice.

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