Alfonso Cuarón praises O homme do norte; check out

Alfonso Cuarón praises O homme do norte;  check out

by multiple awards gravity and then PomegranateMexican director alfonso cuaron spared no praise for man of the northby new movie Robert Eggers (In Witch And hey lighthouse) The filmmaker has already admitted to being a fan of Eggers as he read the script Witch Was very excited about the first, and third project of American.

To The New Yorker magazine, Cuarón revealed that he had already seen the film and said he was excited by it. “Each frame is filled with all the themed elements of the film”said the director. “I must say, it’s very complicated, what he did is very complicated”, she added. During the interview, Cuarón also commented on the result of filming being extremely complicated due to the locations in Iceland: “The impression is one of intoxication. You are there, and you are breathing air with those actors”,

Another highlight is that the film is very successful in establishing supernatural elements. “It’s almost as if supernatural elements are as natural as the weather. People co-exist with these elements on an existential level. There is no doubt that witches exist, and there is no explanation either. Just witches Huh.”she added.

epic viking revenge man of the north It is scheduled to premiere in the United States and Brazil in late April. cast brings alexander skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Anya Taylor-Joy, björk, willem defoe even more.

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