Alice Osman’s first volume of the comic is finally released in Portugal

Alice Osman's first volume of the comic is finally released in Portugal

It was launched on Tumblr in 2016, turned into a book in 2019 after a campaign on Kickstarter that brought together around 70 thousand euros and would soon turn into a Netflix series. HeartbeatThe comic story of the relationship between Charlie and Nick, two teenagers in a boys’ school, is already a cult saga and was considered the “Best Comic Book of the Year” at the Goods Choice Awards last year. This Thursday the first volume of the collection has been released in Portugal by Editta Cultura and promises to inspire more young readers. At least, this is one of the objectives of the author, British author and illustrator Alice Ousman, 26 years. “We can usually see it on the computer screen without any connection, question the meaninglessness of existence or do everything to avoid getting an office job,” reads the book’s front page.

The first volume of “Reza’s Conse Reza’s”, Heartbeat, Charlie, openly gay and slightly nerdy, and Nick, tells of the beginning of a friendship between a rugby player and his new secretary at school. The two characters were already part of the author’s first novel, SolitaireLaunched in 2014, when he was only 19 years old. “They were secondary characters,” he tells Time Out by e-mail. “In this book, they are in a loving and supportive relationship, but we know nothing more from them. After writing the book, I asked myself, ‘How did they reach this point in the relationship? And where do they go from there? ‘That’s why I have to tell my story.

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Originally, Alice thought about writing another novel until she realized that the story wouldn’t work, as she releases it bit by bit, in episodes, such as in one of the comics. “Luckily, I love comics and drawing so much, it was the next right step.”

Contrary to popular belief, the characters are not inspired by real stories. “I wanted to introduce a large group of LGBTQ + friends so that the book was filled with all kinds of LGBTQ + experiences,” Ellis says. In the author’s words, Charlie is a “smart and perceptive” boy, but also “struggles with his self-esteem.” On the other hand, Nick, despite being kind and having a good heart, “can be tough and bold when it needs to be”, he describes. In other versions of Heartbeat – There are already three and the fourth in the UK will be launched in May -, we are seeing the development of the relationship between the two.

The comic was so popular that it would soon be adapted on television via Netflix. “I’m very happy,” says the author, who also wrote the screenplay for the series. “Learning to write a screenplay was a challenge, but I kept it very close to the script of the books, so it was not so difficult to adapt. The TV series will have some news and surprises. “For now, and through an official statement from Netflix that praises Alice Ousman’s talent as a” storyteller “, we know that the series will have eight episodes and that she” lived up to the expectations of older fans “Will try, at the same time she wants to win a new audience”.

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author’s purpose Heartbeat To make a “happy story”, he says. “A place where LGBTQ + readers could spend an hour or two of fun and happiness. Knowing that the story brings joy to young LGBTQ + readers is truly amazing. “

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