Alien directors comment and compare the success of the franchise over the years

Alien directors comment and compare the success of the franchise over the years
Alien Scene 3 (playback)

Thanks to the release of two major new movies: The Last Duel and Gucci House, British film producer Ridley Scott It is going to be one of the biggest seasons of his career.

The feature in The Last Duel received many rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival, while The House of Gucci marked the return of the Lady Gaga actress after her Oscar-nominated debut in Star Is Born.

Along with the results of Ridley’s career, he was asked about the success of the franchise Foreigner, and during an interview with Independent, the filmmaker expressed some disbelief about the reception of his Alien revival.

In 2021, Alien was launched again: prometheus of the franchise, and continued in 2017 Alien: Suitable, which did not get the expected return from the box office, leaving the team quite disappointed.

“I never featured an alien on Prometheus (2012) and it still made $404 million at the box office and the studio said ‘Look, it didn’t go so well. Just like that?’. So in 2017 we got Aliens: Covenant. “Put the Aliens Back There,” and so the movie did very little: $240 million worldwide. When you have a wonderful animal, it gets screwed up and you really need it again. You have to think about it,” said the filmmaker.

this is Independent He completed it by saying, “Wherever the show goes, whatever they do, it will never be as good as the first alien.” Could Scott be back with a new alien project?

Alien Scene 3 (playback)

In an interview with Forbes in 2020, the director joked that Alien was a work in progress, but would probably not revisit the world created by Prometheus and Covenant.

“It continues. We followed a path with Prometheus and the Covenant to try to rediscover the wheel. Whether or not we returned directly to this is questionable because the first was a huge success”, he said at the time. commented.

movie original

first root of Alien: Eighth Passenger O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett, making it a huge hit with the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, three Saturn Awards for Best Dramatic Presentation.

The feature was also classified for preservation on the US National Film Registry and was selected as the seventh best science fiction genre film in 2008, ranking 33rd as the greatest film of all time by Empire.

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