Alison trained with Joaquim Cruz in America and received advice: “If you want to make history, start early”. olympics

Alison trained with Joaquim Cruz in America and received advice: "If you want to make history, start early".  olympics

Gold in Los Angeles 1984 and silver in Seoul 1988, Cruise was one of the last Brazilians to climb the individual podium in track events – the other was Robson Caetano in the 200 meters, also in Seoul – until Alisson’s achievement on Tuesday. According to Felipe, the meeting was necessary for the student to arrive in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

– She [Alison] Decided to move to the United States for two reasons. First, by the training structure. Second, he chose to move to California because Joaquim Cruz lives in California. Joaquim Cruz is, to me, the greatest example of professionalism in sport. So, what he achieved was not by chance, it was through good preparation, seriousness and professionalism. Joaquim said something to Alison: “If you want to make history, you have to start early because your career as an athlete is short”. There are three types of athletes: one who trains to build the index, one who trains to be a finalist, and one who trains to be a myth. So, presenting Alison’s career, it is expected that she will remain as dedicated as ever, keeping her head in the right place. Alisson’s coach Felipe Sequeira said: “We have a tendency to have a great career, which can take advantage of the sport in our country.”

Cruz has lived in the United States since the early 1980s. He started at a very young age, worked to support himself and managed to become a track legend. Currently, he serves as the head coach of the North American Paralympic athletics team.

Inspired by the legendary midfielder with whom he shared key moments ahead of Tokyo, Alisson highlighted the importance of medals to Brazil’s athletics – and to the sport. And proud to represent the country.

– I don’t just run with “Dos Santos”, I run with the whole of Brazil in my chest. I represent a country, I carry it with me and not as a burden, not as a burden. People are pulling me, pushing me to get better and be better, to represent Brazil even better – said the Olympic bronze medalist.

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