All new features are coming to Netflix Canada this week!

In this third week of total imprisonment, fatigue and boredom begin to appear at the tip of the nose. It is very difficult to stay busy during these difficult times, but at the same time, you are telling yourself that it is time to relax because life usually passes so fast.

To take time to think about ourselves, it is a good idea to get our hands on making various handicrafts, taking care of our plants or making good homemade bread. On the other hand, sometimes you need time to do nothing … it feels great!

Netflix Canada is here thanks to the constant renewal that we always get to see something new! This week, dozens of new features appeared on the platform. All those items have been kept here which will be available on Netflix between 26 to 31 January.

  1. 50 m 2 (season 1) (Till 27 January)
    Dramatic Comedy, Poland, 2021
  2. North Pole (Till 31 January)
    Drama, Iceland, 2018
  3. Under zero (Till 29 January)
    Spain action, 2021
  4. Relations (Season 2) (Till 27 January)
    Dramatic Comedy, USA, 2021
  5. Breakup 100 (Till 28 January)
    Romantic Comedy, Hong Kong, 2014
  6. Drilling (Till 29 January)
    Drama, UK, 2021
  7. Fatma (Till 31 January)
    Drama, Portugal, 2020
  8. Find out (Till 29 January)
    Adventure, USA, 2021
  9. Bloom the Penguin (Till 27 January)
    Drama, Australia, 2020
  10. Snowpier (Season 2) (Till 26 January)
    Science Fiction, United States, 2021
  11. Our: Brooklyn Saints (Season 1) (Till 29 January)
    Sports Documentary, United States, 2021

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