Amanda Knox denounced the US election joke in a tweet after her time in Italy was as bad as “the result can’t be bad”.

<p>Amanda Knox&nbsp;</p>

Manda Knox faced criticism today after comparing her time in prison to the next four years of American politics.

With the White House fighting in balance, he joked on Twitter: “Whatever happens, the next four years can’t be as bad as the four years I studied abroad in Italy, right?”

Ms Nex was accused of killing her British flatmate, Marth Cursor, 21, while she was studying in Perugia, England, in 2007.

Knox, 33, spent nearly four years in an Italian prison after being convicted along with Solosito of killing a British exchange student.

He was actually jailed for 26 years.

The couple was released in 2011 and was released in 2015 after new evidence emerged and the alleged thief, Rudy Gude, was placed at the scene. He was eventually convicted of murder.

Knox has since returned to the United States and shared his thoughts on the election as the results began to emerge on Tuesday night.


Merith Cursor

/ P.A. )

Social media users accused Ms Nexus of being sensitive, saying, “Hey, you know someone died, okay?”

One responded to Nexus’ message: “Feel sorry for the blood that did not withdraw from this study abroad.

“I think * he * was much worse than you and your smell.”

Another said: “I can think of another student studying abroad in Italy who had a much worse *****.”

One said: “Girl, I don’t think you killed your roommate, but a tweet like this explains why people thought you did it.”

Knox, who has been married to musician Colin Sutherland since 2018, recently compared the political situation in the United States and his advanced exams in Italy.

In an op-ed published by Forge earlier this week, Knox described the situation in the United States as “depressing, deteriorating” and “deeply aware.”

The Knox wrote last week: “I always feel lost. This year, the rest of the country joined me. At the same time, many of us will find out how to make the *** y situation better. ? about Us

“We are the disappointment of an entire nation. We got lost, but he continued.

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