Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay and Netflix will have significant disadvantages

Imagem Ilustrativa: Catálogo do Disney Hotstar India

The end is near for the presence of dozens of series from popular streaming platforms; Understand.

Illustration Image: Disney Hotstar India Catalog
Illustration Image: Disney Hotstar India Catalog

There is going to be a movement like we saw in 2020. This is a great escape from platforms like Amazon prime video, Globoplay I Netflix.

Catalogs are property of skipping presentations Disney, Who is now the great brand commander Fox Too.

All are on their way to becoming exclusive streaming productions Star +, Which should have an official launch in Brazil in June 2021.

The same movement took place in 2020, with the launch of all platforms missing relevant content Disney +.

see that?

-> GlobePlay announces new series and novels for 2021

-> Ranking returns with Oi Fibra in Netflix lead

-> Amazon Prime Video is streaming with the largest number of movies

The strategy now is to provide a service entirely dedicated to Disney’s “adult” productions.

In official revelations, it has already been announced that on the part of the TV series, the brand will focus on all productions owned by Fox and ABC Studios.

In the context of films, future customers can look forward to productions like “Deadpool”, “Logan”, “The Shape of Water”, “Kingsman”.

Remember that in the United States, Star + is released as a free tab within Disney +. It will be a separate payment service in Latin America.

Below, check the key chain that should drop the platform catalog:

Amazon Prime Video:

  • How i met your mother
  • Gray anatomy
  • X file
  • Twenty four hours
  • Escape from jail
  • lost
  • Glee
  • modern Family
  • family Guy
  • sons of Anarchy
  • this is us
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