Amazon Prime Video Will Finally Modernize Its Crude Interface » iPhone Blog

Amazon Prime Video Will Finally Modernize Its Crude Interface » iPhone Blog

There’s almost nothing bad to say about it. amazon prime video, With a huge catalog, both original productions and old movies that bring back memories.

All this for a monthly fee of R$14.90, the lowest among its competitors, which also entitles you to free shipping and access to streaming music and books on Amazon.

But let’s face it: interface of applications, in particular Apple TVit was always half dieter, There are dozens of rows of movies that make navigation very difficult.

The first time you access it, you’re a little lost, with a variety of so many suggestions.

amazon prime video
Prime Video UI on Apple TV in July 2022

The menu is at the top of the screen, but it soon disappears if you scroll down, leaving you to go back again if you want to access it.

amazon prime video
Prime Video UI on Apple TV in July 2022

it will happily quick change, The platform announced that it will be implemented in the coming weeks interface change of your application.

New Experience

The news of change is good for users, but don’t expect anything revolutionary.

In fact, if you use other streaming services like Netflix, hbo max And Disney+,

Like those mentioned above, the company The platform’s main navigation bar has been moved to left side Screen and icons arranged in a vertical column.

Menu options may vary by country.

The so-called “infinite carousels” still exist, but the new interface will show a preview of the selected movie icon, which will momentarily expand.

Here’s a video summarizing the changes:

This was a preview of what it would look like for US users. We’ll still have to wait to find out what options we’ll have in Brazil (or Portugal), as well as the menu. For example, we don’t have live channels or free content with advertising available.

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Changes will start first Android And on the Amazon system. Then, in the coming months, they should come to iOS and Apple TV from the HD model (the one with the App Store). The third generation models will be excluded from the view change, but will continue to allow access to the native app catalog.

If you were one of those people who signed to Prime last amazon prime day, take the opportunity to enjoy the entire catalogue. If you still do not have a subscription, you can use this link to download a . can make without paying anything within the first 30 days.

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