America, France, Britain and Germany discuss Afghanistan, Ukraine and Iran today

America, France, Britain and Germany discuss Afghanistan, Ukraine and Iran today

The German Foreign Ministry said in a statement released here today that “the foreign ministers of the United States, United Kingdom and Germany as well as a representative of France will meet” and “the main topic of discussion will be Afghanistan”.

At the meeting, which will take place within the framework of a ministerial session of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, “the current development on the Ukrainian-Russian border and the nuclear deal with Iran,” he said.

NATO’s Foreign and Defense Minister is today arguing the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan after United States President Joe Biden announced that he would withdraw all US troops by 9/11.

The ministerial session of the North Atlantic Council, held at the last minute by the United States, will take place in a virtual format, with only US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as well as a physical presence from NATO headquarters. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The only item on the ministers’ agenda would be the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, with President Biden announcing on Tuesday that all US troops would leave the country “before the 20th anniversary” of the 11th attacks. September 2001.

Joe Biden intended to ensure that the withdrawal of American troops from the country was “coordinated” and carried out simultaneously with other Nath Allied nations.

Although not on the agenda, escalating tensions on the border between Ukraine and Russia should also be addressed by those responsible, with Alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg telling Moscow to “stop the provocation” on the Ukrainian border.

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According to the Ukrainian government, the Kremlin has in recent weeks focused on 41,000 with eastern Ukraine and 42,000 other military personnel in Crimea.

In addition to the situation in Ukraine, NATO’s relations with Russia are also expected to be debated by ministers, when Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he would hold a summit with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in the coming months .

In a telephone conversation between the two, the US president expressed a desire to “build a stable and predictable relationship with Russia”.

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