American startup introduced electric pick | Ukraine news

American startup introduced electric pick |  Ukraine news

American startup Canu has unveiled its electric pickup truck, designed for outdoor activities and work. about this Reported On the Canoo website.

Electric Car Is designed so that it can hold a large amount of cargo. For greater spaciousness in the pickup, the sides are folded back and the body lengthened. The machine is equipped with a front cargo compartment that converts to a work table with a power outlet.

Models with roof racks or camping modules will also be available. The electric car can be used as a power plant, with its ability to use electricity, the day of export of electricity will consume only 10% of the electricity reserve.

The power of the pickup is 600 horsepower, the cruising range is 321 km, and the carrying capacity is 816 kg. The car is powered by a Canu EV electric transmission. It is noteworthy that there is no mechanical connection between the steering and braking system with the steering wheel, paddles and wheels.

In addition, a configuration with a twin or rear engine will be available. The pickup will be available for order in the second quarter of this year. Electric vehicle delivery will begin in 2023.

  • In china in january Presented The world’s first electric vehicle powered by Huawei.
  • In February, Hyundai Presented Electric crossover Ioniq 5.
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