Americans are largely canceling the most popular networks and switching to the Russian miracle!

Americans are largely canceling the most popular networks and switching to the Russian miracle!


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13.01.2021. 11:57

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More than half a million Americans took over the Russian Telegram application in just four days from last Wednesday to Sunday after ending Donald Trump’s Twitter account and deleting the parlor application.

Telegram has become the second most sought-after application in the United States as Americans are exploring alternatives to large corporate social networks, writes portal

American TV station Fox reported that the telegram, social network and secure messaging service, which originated in Russia, were downloaded 545,000 times between Wednesday, January 6 and Sunday, January 9. news.

The New York Times writes that Americans followed a mass exodus to other social networks because they are harder to control than traditional ones, such as Facebook or Twitter, but users followed by mainstream social networks Also because of the punishing policy.

Telegram gained 25 million new users in the last 72 hours, said Pavel Durov, the founder of this network.

They found that 38 percent of new users came from Asia, 27 percent from Europe, 21 percent from Latin America, 8.0 percent from the Middle East and North Africa.

Fox News states that Russian Telegram has made substantial profits as users are largely leaving the US messaging application WhatsApp owned by Facebook due to a change in the Terms of Use that violates users’ privacy Does.

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