Ammonia-1 satellite to be launched from India on 28 February – News

Ammonia-1 satellite to be launched from India on 28 February - News

The INPE / MCTI space engineering team announced the date and time of the launch of the Brazilian satellite Amazônia-1. The forecast is that it will be released on February 28 at 1:54 GMT, in the Indian city of Sriharikota.

Amazonia-1 is the first satellite designed, tested and operated by Brazil. The equipment arrived in the Asian country in December 2020, following a journey where 52 specialized containers were required to transport all modules of the device, weighing 648 kg.

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With more than six kilometers of stars, and 14,000 electrical connections, Amazonia-1 will generate images of the planet every 5 days. In this way, it would be possible to produce data at a single point on Earth. This feature is extremely important for the collection of information related to deforestation in the Amazon region.

Space engineers also designed the device so that it would always cross the equator between 10:15 and 10:45 by the end of its useful life, which should be around 4 years. This allows a better comparison between images obtained from the same locations throughout the year.

Amazonia-1, as well as Amazonia-1B and Amazonia-2, which will be launched later, are part of the Amazon mission, which is primarily aimed at monitoring deforestation in the Amazon region. In addition, the mission will aim to generate information about water reservoirs and natural disasters occurring throughout the Brazilian region.

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