‘Amor de Moi’ gives way to a new raren and worsening pandemic TV – 04/08/2021 – Illustrated

'Amor de Moi' gives way to a new raren and worsening pandemic TV - 04/08/2021 - Illustrated

Much of last year was one of disappointment and paralysis for Brazilian TV. From the last months of March to 2020, broadcasters and producers had to devise new methods to record the epidemic, rethink programming and wait a long time until the crisis subsided.

The landscape finally began to improve when, in August, Globo resumed recording of “Amor de Moye” at a slow pace, bypassing any contagious blow. But this early 2021 threw a bucket of cold water backstage on TV.

The death of Kovid-19 at an unprecedented level and a population that seems less and less afraid, Another stopover announced by the broadcasterIn the last month. A year after the crisis began on Brazilian soil, there is a feeling for the public and the region that we are back in a class.

Lourdes will assume the title of Danilo’s mother this Friday in the final chapter of “Amor de Mãe”, and her play will be replaced not by a novelty, but by a new surprise – this time, “Empire”.

“Um Luger Ao Soul”, which should have premiered last year, was postponed once more, as recordings at the Estudio Globo were frozen at the end of March and should only return from April 19.

Next to it were teams from the serials “Como My Vida Melhor” and “Nos Tempos do Impador”, although Globo claims that these premieres still stand, and the series “Segunda Chamada” and “Auanas”, this one from Globoplay.

In other stations, insecurity is repeated, with biblical reunions in the record, auditorium programs on SBT and equivalents on the band and RedTV! It is true that now, after a year, at least we have protocols already developed and tested – but they are of no use if the epidemics remain uncontrolled.

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“As with all protocols, at the moment, it is not possible to re-record it due to a shortage of hospitals. In last year’s restoration, there was relief and peace. Everyone is scared this time, ”says Andrea Barata Ribeiro, partner and executive producer in the O2 film. “It looks like Groundhog day [do filme ‘Feitiço do Tempo’], Only worse. She says that one of the country’s major producers, O2, already has 12 chains closed.

Reflections of this loss of projects have been felt for months. But last year, unreleased material was sheltered to occupy television screens. Now, the reserve is nearing its end and there is an atmosphere of suspicion in the air.

“We know the importance of television to the public and at the same time distract the public, especially at the moment. We are working hard to cross the boundaries of the epidemic,” in a statement in late March Said Amouri Soares, director of Globo.

Coupled with this was a rare list of the station’s upcoming premieres. In hindsight, “Sandy and Junior: A Histoirea”, the series that premiered on GloboPlay last year, and Gringo’s new season “The Good Doctor” have been postponed as the highlight of this month, indicating that , Perhaps, we have an avalanche to make up for the absence of international content Brazilian productions.

This is what Andrea Barata Ribeiro of O2 believes. With extremely high rates of vaccination in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, foreign audio-visual is already rehearsing a return to normality, while here it is covered with uncertainties.

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Mariana Oliva, CEO of Maria Farinaha Films, said, “In addition to the epidemic, we are experiencing a huge reduction in investment in the audio sector and the flow of new notices.”

The lack of news has caused viewers to leave open TV in 2020 compared to the same period. the resulting, Advertisement also fell. Interestingly, in the television gaps today, most commercials are streaming platforms.

Once again, TV faces its big enemy. With offices and partnerships in many countries, it is easy for Netflix to follow a decent pace of launch, for example. If one location goes into lockdown, there is a vast amount of content coming from another – a luxury for our small screens.

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