Ana de Armas Reveals How Harassment of Her Relationship with Ben Affleck Made Her a Harsh Decision: “It Was Terrible”

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Ana de Armas first opened up about her nearly year-long relationship with actor Ben Affleck. This Wednesday (13), in an interview with that north americanThe actress commented on the Los Angeles paparazzi’s constant harassment around the couple during the coronavirus pandemic.

Armas and Affleck’s relationship, which began in early 2020 and ended less than a year later in January 2021, was accompanied by harassment by photographers on an almost daily basis. To Elle, Anna explained the situation and revealed that she hated that kind of attention: “it was horrible. Seriously, that was good. That was one reason I moved from Los Angeles“It’s about salvation, isn’t it?

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Before the radical change, the actress lived in Los Angeles, United States for seven years. During this period, she followed several celebrities who were followed by the paparazzi, until this problem happened to her as well, when she started dating Ben. ,By going through it, I reaffirmed my view that ‘this is not my place to live’. It has become a bit too much for me. There is no escape. There is no way out”, said the Cuban woman.

Now, the artist lives in New York, also in the United States, with her current boyfriend, an executive Application Tinder, Paul Bokadakis. Looking at Los Angeles, Ana analyzed: “AndThere is always a feeling of something you don’t have, something you lack. This is a city that worries you constantlyAnd that’s exactly why the 32-year-old actress and 48-year-old Ben Affleck broke up in January last year.

,He ended the relationship. Their relationship was complicated. Anna no longer wants to live in LA and Ben clearly needs to stay because he has kids who live in LA.”a source told people magazineIn January 2021.”It was mutual and it was a completely amicable decision. They are at very different times in their lives, but there is a lot of love and respect.”, added the insider.

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Ana de Armas has participated in features such as “Between Knife and Secret”, “Sergio”, “Blade Runner 2049” and “Aguas Profundas”. The next project she takes part in, “Hidden Agent,” premieres on Netflix on July 22. According to Elle magazine, the film had the biggest budget ever produced by Munch. streaming, He stars opposite Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Reggae-Jean Page, and Wagner Moura. watch the trailer:

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