Android 12 may get the option to share WiFi passwords with nearby phones

Android 12 may get the option to share WiFi passwords with nearby phones

Android 12, Google’s next operating system for mobile phones, can count on a very interesting innovation that can make life easier for those who receive multiple visits and always need to notify a WiFi password . From the next version of the software, the smartphone will allow. Your users can share their wireless Internet network settings with devices that are close to their location.

This functionality will work through the “Near Share” feature, which Made more widely available to Android phone users August of last year allowed device owners to share text, links, images, videos, and various types of files more quickly. With this, it will be possible to send the password of the network to which the user is connected to those who are possessed through the original resource of the search giant’s software.

Currently, Google already allows Android users to share WiFi passwords via QR codes, a very useful feature for people with updated cell phones in the new version of the operating system. To do this, simply read the code through the smartphone’s camera so that a connection is made without the need to enter a password.

With the newness of Android 12, however, this process can become even faster. However, one problem is that this will only be possible when both phones are updated to the next version of the Google system.

As of now there are still no forecasts for Mountain View company users to start releasing Android 12, but the first reports about possible system resources have already started appearing. Apart from the new WiFi password sharing, one can also get facility for the software Hibernate low-usage applications To save space on the smartphone’s internal storage.

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