Anita movie sing 2. Brazilian funk presents in a clip of

Anita movie sing 2.  Brazilian funk presents in a clip of

Some obstacles are preventing Anita from delivering the album ‘Girl From Rio’. In fact, they are not obstacles, but new jobs that come along the way.

Well, after the singer took part in the soundtracks of the films “The Panthers” and “The Fast and the Furious 9”, now Anita is in the world of Universal Pictures for the animation “Sing 2: Who Sings There Males Amaze”. ,


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The track “Suelette” was accompanied by a video clip, and also features guest appearances by Sam I, rapper Bia and Zarina Di Marco. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the man responsible for the first film’s soundtrack was Swedish producer Max Martin, who is behind the new album ‘Girl from Rio’.

After being accused of plagiarism, Anita denied it and said that she had sought permission.

This Friday morning (29), Anita took to social media to offer an explanation to her followers. Their new song, “Queiro Rumba”, has been accused of plagiarism of “Rap das Armas”, produced by DJ Malborough. His. Known for being part of the soundtrack to the Brazilian musical “Tropa d’Elite”. “There are a lot of people who are accusing me of plagiarism. Friends, this is not plagiarism, it is actually a version, a retelling of ‘Rap Das Armas’. Obviously, I asked DJ Marlborough for permission before releasing it. Everything is authorized, percentage divided right”, explained Anita in Instagram stories.

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The song was released last Thursday along with the music video. “Let’s stop complaining and listen, because it’s great!”Finished, Anita. DJ Malborough commented in the singer’s post about the song’s release: “Another big hit for the world to dance and dance non-stop. Anita, congratulations on the beautiful new song. And we will go into new partnerships”,

The artist also made it a point to post an explanation on her own profile on social networks and thanked the interpreter of “Girl from Rio” for her “always recognition and protection of her morals and her origins.” “Before anyone starts stirring up discord with misinformation, Anita asks for the necessary authorizations and credits this new song to the original writers, Jr. and Leonardo’s Rap das Armas song, a soundtrack for the film Tropa. is also d elite. While others in the Tupiniquim land who were born yesterday, and do not reach Anita’s feet, think that they may use other people’s music without proper authorization and attribute the original authors are, and lie that they asked to return for refusing to give it. These are recognized, trying to deceive people by saying that it is a tribute, I repeat, tribute not paying bills of respect No one will ever see the appropriation of the rights of others as a “tribute”, written by DJ Malborough, reposting Anita’s new song.

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Anita walks through the charming Perengue and asks Brazilians for help

This Wednesday (27) Anita published sad stories on her Instagram. Carioca wants someone to bring a Halloween costume, which is Brazil, the United States, whether it’s in New York or Miami, where she lives.

“Need help. Is someone coming from Brazil to the United States, New York or Miami, today or tomorrow? My Halloween costume is in Brazil, I’m recycling from a friend. Somebody bring it to me! Somebody got me Texted! Any flight attendant, pilot, hostess, anyone?”, asked the singer.

It is noteworthy that in America, Halloween is an extremely important holiday, practically as if it were a cannerwall for Brazilians.

Anita Qualifies for the 2022 Grammys as a “Breakthrough Artist”

Anita has already won some national and international awards. But, the singer’s real focus is the Grammys. And well, she got it!

Previously, Warner had named Carioca as a “Breakthrough Artist”, indicating her as a possible name to be listed in the Grammy category. As this is not common sense, we will explain. Before the nominees are announced, the Grammy Awards provide a period where record labels can submit suggestions based on award categories, usually named “for your consideration”.

Thus, after the names are sent by the label, the Academy makes a selection, called a “submission,” and the list goes to the awards jury panel, which will select the top five names in each category.

According to Board, Anita entered the “Breakthrough Artist” submission stage, being able to compete for one of eight nominees in the category. Apart from her, Tate McRae, Walker Hayes, Glass Animals, Madison Bear, Olivia Rodrigo, Reina Svyama and many others also went through this phase.

Anita and Sveti hit “Facking Love” in the top 50 of US pop radio

“Faking Love”, a partnership between Anita and Sauvity, entered the top 50 of US pop radio stations. According to the Hits Daily Double website, the Brazilian single is ranked 47th in the ranking of most played songs.

This week, “Facking Love” was played 387 times by US pop radio. For comparison purposes, in the past week, the single was played 94 times – that is, it showed an increase of 311.7%.

“Facking Love” is the third single from the album “Girl From Rio” and officially debuted on October 14.

Remember that this isn’t the first song by Anita to be the most played song on US pop radio. The track “Girl from Rio” reached the top 25 in the rankings.

Anita performs in “Dear Earth” special

Anita and Blackpink performed a special for “Dear Earth”, a YouTube Original special that aired this Saturday (23). The event aims to raise awareness about climate change and create a more sustainable society.

The attraction brought together iconic artists and world leaders in “an epic global celebration of our planet and what we need to do to reverse climate change.” In addition to performances by Anita and Blackpink, the event was attended by names such as Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith and Barack Obama.

For “Dear Earth”, Anita gave a new performance of “Girl from Rio”. The video was made available on the Brazilian channel.

The K-pop girl group performed the song “Stay”.

In turn, Billie Eilish was in charge of introducing the special presentation video. Singer warned about climate change and questioned what we can do to save the planet. After this many celebrities responded. check out:

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