Ann Rinnick’s death at 71; Dancer, actor, choreographer and Fosse Mr. Muse Zick

Ann Rinnick's death at 71;  Dancer, actor, choreographer and Fosse Mr. Muse Zick

Mrs. Rinning starred as Joan Arc, opposite Joel Gray in the 1975 short-lived musical “Goodtime Charlie.” The following year, she joined the cast of the broken “A Course Line”, then appeared in “Dansin”, a re-enactment of the music, directed and choreographed by Fosse, which began in 1978. Was

When “Dansin” opened, Jennifer Dunning, a Times dance critic, wrote that Miss Rinking had successfully jumped from the course line to the lead roles.

“There can be no doubt that Miss Rinking was included in Broadway’s list of shining stars,” Miss Dunning wrote. “With her long legs, silky hair, flying hair and the intensity of tomorrow, Mrs. Rinking is a standout in some very fast company.”

(Fose said he choreographed part of the show, “Trumpet Solo”, so that he could feature Miss Rinking’s legs spread.)

In 1986, Miss Rinking starred in the revival of “Sweet Charity”, which also featured a babe New Worth, starring Williama Kelly as Velma Kelly in the “Chicago” revival. Had started.

“Before the resurgence of” Chicago, “Miss Rinking, in her 40s, never expected to dance from the stage, she said. In fact, at first he turned down Rox’s offer to play again. But the director, Walter Bobby, persisted, and he defamed.

“She just doesn’t dance like anyone else,” Ms. Niworth told the Times in 1996.

Ms. Reckening later saw on-screen roles, most notably in the 1982 hit version of the hit movie “Annie” starring Grace Farrell, secretary of billionaire Oliver Warbox. “We’ve Got It,” Mrs. Rinking’s character – who encouraged her boss to adopt the character of an orphaned title – performed The dance of victory In which she wanders around celebrating with other members of Daddy’s workbook staff.

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