Antonov AN-124 will tour the world before returning to Belum; View takeoff

Antonov AN-124 will tour the world before returning to Belum;  View takeoff

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A trip to one of the world’s largest aircraft in Belum will soon take place again, and the pilot details the operation taking place around the world.

Dmytro Antonov is a test pilot for the company that bears his family name and A. Video log Where the crew of the largest commercial aircraft on Earth has a routine of worldwide flights.

One of them, an Antonov AN-124, was bringing mining equipment to mining company Vale in Belum last Thursday, which included drilling bits and parts for the world’s largest trucks at the largest open-pit mine in the world Work. Of cars.

And for this Herculean work, an aircraft as large as the AN-124 Ruslan, which was assigned to the mission, is needed. As a matter of fact, it is the second largest cargo jet in the world, behind only the AN-225 Myria, “your younger brother”, the world’s largest commercial airplane.

Worldwide Trajectory – GreatCircleMapper

Vale’s equipment was in Australia and AN-124 brought cargo through Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America, and finally reached Belum, following the direction of the Sun. Despite its size, when Ruslan is not loaded, multiple stops are required.

After Bellum, the jet traveled to Cancun, Mexico and then to Honolulu, from where it left for Melbourne, Australia today, crossing five time zones per trip.

The aircraft will be disembarked in Australia and will have to be taken on the same route, which will return to Belum on 3 March. Additionally, another AN-124 will also arrive in Pará’s capital on the 6th. The jet going around the world has the registration number UR-82008, and you can follow a route of over 50, in real time. Clicking for a thousand km Here on.

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